Text Your Customers – Make it Easy to Get 5-Star Reviews
 and Prevent Negative Reviews From Going Public

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Text Your Customers – Make it Easy to Get Stellar Reviews

 and Remedy Negative Ones

Through a Simple Text Message, Earn More 5 Star Reviews

ReviewDoor Gives You Control Over Your Online Reputation

Did you have a great appointment? With ReviewDoor, you can send a quick text message to your patient’s phone! Simply use your custom-developed Marketing Dashboard to choose which review site you want your patient to visit, and send a pre-formatted text message that includes a convenient, clickable link.


To Promote Positive Star Reviews, We’ve Boiled It Down To 4 Easy To Follow Steps

Step 1
 Patient Receives a Text After Their Visit
Step 2
 Patient Rates Their Experience
Step 3
They Choose Where to Share
Step 4
After That, They Write About Their Experience

Feature Your Best 5-STAR Reviews on Your Website

Utilize the 4-5 star reviews by displaying them on your site, increasing trust between you and a potential patient.

Example Website

If a Customer Tries to Leave a Negative Review, What Happens?

With ReviewDoor, Your Practice Can Prevent Negative Reviews from Going Public, and at the Same Time Promote 4 and 5 Star Reviews

Step 1
 Customer receives a text after their visit
Step 2
If they choose that their experience was negative, they are presented with the following step
Step 3
Instead of being offered the option of going to a social media site, they are prompted to leave feedback
Step 4
The feedback they provided is then sent directly to you via email instead of it being displayed publicly. Giving you a chance to resolve whatever issue the customer had

100% Social Media Integration With Customer Support

Encourages Customers To Share Their Positive Experiences To People They Know. We Call ThisThe New Word Of Mouth Referral System

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